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Company Culture

Core value
A fruitful life

Our philosophy
Freshness comes from professional service

Our mission
Integrate global high-quality fresh fruit resources  to promote the concept of healthy and nutritious  life for Chinese enterprises and families, and to help our clients and customers achieve healthy, happy and high-quality life.

Our spirit

Integrity: We always insist on starting from the trust, the premise of   cooperation is always consistent with the interests of customers. 

Innovative: Product innovation, technology innovation, service innovation, channel innovation.

Profession: The most professional people, do the most professional things, only when people make the best of their ability can they exert their maximum potential.

Service: Only stand in the customer's point of view for customers, can truly win the market.

Our Vision

Building China's Supafresh: Helping more quality fruit resources to the Chinese market
World's Supafresh: Strengthening global supply chain and fresh fruit supply services, expand domestic and international markets
Supafresher's Supafresh: People-oriented, pay attention to employee growth and enhance corporate vitality

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