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Shanghai Supafresh Trading Co., Ltd. was established in 2009 and is headquartered in Minhang District, Shanghai. Supafresh is based on high-quality young and middle-aged management elites, manages humanity and has a relaxed working atmosphere. Most of the employees are energetic after 90, strong cohesiveness, and get along well with each other.

In order to create a good working and living atmosphere, Supafresh has equipped a spacious and comfortable pantry and staff restaurant. Before entering the job, it has developed its own career plan for each Jiaguo employee, inspiring each Supafresher to realize self-worth.

Social Recruitment:All candidates who are willing to apply for Shanghai Supafresh Trading Co., Ltd. can learn about specific positions through Jiaguo official website or Zhilian recruitment, and worry-free channels. Responsibilities and requirements for qualifications are also available through 021-64979998To Jiaguo Personnel government staff consultation for more job information.

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