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Shanghai Supafresh Trading Co., Ltd, which is established in 2009, is a one-stop service company that linking global corefruit sources and providing fresh fruit, its business covers cross-border direct procurement, commercial processing, fresh storaging, cold chain logistics and ...
  • 嘉 果 Supafresh


    Promoting avocados through all channels

    Supporting all year around

    Built up the first avocado ripening facility in China

  • 嘉 果 Supafresh


    Promoting coconuts through all channels

    Exclusive agent for K-fresh coconuts in China

    Developed coconuts' opener and owned the patent

  • 嘉 果 Supafresh

    Conference Pears

    Promoting conference pears through all channels

    In accordance with Europe quality standards - reliable guarantee of food safe and quality.

    Excellent varieties from Netherlands, sweet and soft

  • 嘉果 Supafresh


    Multi-level management, catering to the different needs of customers.

    Origin from US, Spain, Egypt, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

    Supporting all year around

  • 嘉果 Supafresh


    Promoting grapefruits through all channels

    Origin from ‘Rainbow Country’, South Africa

    ‘Ruby Grapefruit’, very popular in China market

  • 嘉果 Supafresh


    Origins from New Zealand and South Africa

    New variety, Mayer lemon, very popular in China market

    Promoting lemons through all channels

  • 嘉果 Supafresh


    Global sourcing high-quality blueberries

    Deeply into local plantations

    In 2019, deeply cooperating with Peruvian suppliers

  • 嘉果 Supafresh


    Better origins from US, Chile, and etc.

    Promoting Cherries through all channels

    Premium varieties and better suppliers

  • 嘉果 Supafresh


    Premium origins from US, New Zealand and etc.

    Organic apples, very popular in China market

    Promoting apples through all channels

  • 嘉果 Supafresh


    ‘Black Pearls’ from Spain

    Unique flavor, high quality from nature

    Sweet and soft taste, very popular in China market


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